Electrospun nanofibers of a copolymer consisting of polyvinylalcohol that has been crosslinked with an inorganic polymer containing phosphorus, oxygen and nitrogen only.

Dr.-Ing. Markus Gallei

Technical University Darmstadt
Institute for Macromolecural Chemistry

Tel.: +49(0)615/116-4545
Fax: +49(0)615/116-5670

Organometallic chemistry; ferrocene and cobalt monomers; stimuli-responsive polymers; (invers) opal structures; photonics; sensors; polymer processing; surface modifications; anionic, cationic and controlled radical polymerizations.

• Several reactors for anionic and cationic polymerization and emulsion polymerizations (0.5 to    10 L)
• MBraun Gloveboxes equipped with Coldwell apparatus (-90°C inside glovebox)
• GPC-SEC system with UV and RI detector as well as SEC-MALLS detector (690 nm)
• UV/Vis/NIR spectrometer (Perkin Elmer)
• Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Mettler Toledo)
• Ovens (e.g. Nabertherm P330)
• Cyclovoltammetry (Princeton Applied Research)
• Osmometry (Gonotec)
• Access to all types of equipment of the university and Fraunhofer Institute, in particular mass    spectrometry, magnetic measurements (SQUID), electron microscopy (TEM, REM/EDX), atomic   force microscopy, contact angle measurements, FT-IR, MALDI-ToF mass sepectrometry,    extruder, Raman spectroscopy, ultramicrotome, laboratory press (Collin).