Electrospun nanofibers of a copolymer consisting of polyvinylalcohol that has been crosslinked with an inorganic polymer containing phosphorus, oxygen and nitrogen only.

Prof. Michael S. Hill

University of Bath
Department of Chemistry

Tel: +44 (0)1225 383384

Inorganic and organometallic synthesis; main group chemistry; catalysis with group 2 reagents; dehydrocoupling catalysis; catenated p-block compounds.

• Single crystal X-ray diffraction (Agilent Supernova with Mo and Cu radiation; Agilent
   Xcalibur, Enraf-Nonius kappaCCD)
• Powder XRD
• NMR Spectroscopy (250-600 MHz, Bruker and Agilent)
• Syringe driver within a glove box, coupled to an Electrospray Quadrupole
   Time-of-Flight (ESI-QTOF) mass spectrometer for air- and moisture- sensitive samples
• Parr high pressure reactor
• Thermogravimetric analysis (Perkin Elmer Pyris)
• GPC-SEC system with quadruple detector (Viskotek)
• FT-IR spectroscopy (various Perkin Elmer)
• UV/Vis/NIR spectroscopy (various)
• Scanning electron microscopy (JEOL SEM6480LV, FESEM6301F)
• Transmission electron microscopy (JEM1200EXII)
• Gel permeation chromatography (Polymer Laboratories PL-GPC)
• Various CVD reactors (Electrogas and home-built)
• Beneq Atomic layer deposition reactor