Electrospun nanofibers of a copolymer consisting of polyvinylalcohol that has been crosslinked with an inorganic polymer containing phosphorus, oxygen and nitrogen only.

Dr. Neli Koseva

Laboratory of Phosphorus-containing
Monomers and Polymers
Acad. GeorgiBonchev Str., Bkock 103
1133 Sofia

Tel.: +3592 979 6630
Fax: +332 870 0309

Polyphosphoesters; polyelectrolytes; hyperbranched polymers; organophosphorus compounds; self-assembly; polymer modification; controlled polymerization processes; functionalised biomedical polymers; immobilization of bioactive molecules; bioactive polymer materials; drug delivery; organic chemistry; analytical chemistry.

• Size exclusion Chromatography (SEC), organic phase,triple detector (UV, IR and multi-angle
   static light scattering detector) (2013)
• Analytical ultracentrifuge ProteomeLab XL-I Beckman Coulter configured with a scanning
   UV/Vis detection system and Rayleigh Interference Optics (2009)
• Universal modular rheometer RheoStress 600, Thermo Haake
• Differential scanning calorimeter DSC 8500 Perkin Elmer (2011)
• Thermogravimetric analyzer TGA 4000 Perkin Elmer (2011)
• Stanton Redcroftapparatus for determining the limiting oxygen index
• Optical microscopes Zetoplan NU-2, Reicher and DMLP Leica
• UV-VIS spectrometer DU 800 (Beckman Coulter) (2009)
• IR spectrometers IRAffinity-1 Shimadzu FTIR spectrophotometer with MIRacle Attenuated
  Total Reflectance Attachment (2009)
• HZ-1005B dynamometer (2011)
• HZ-1072A cantilever beam impact testing machine (2011)
• Microwave reactor RotoSYNTH (Milestone s.r.l.), Rotative Solid-Phase Microwave Reactor with
  ATC-FO (Milestone) (2010)
• LDC-SJP-35 single screw extrusion pelletizer line (2011)
• Access to:BrukerAvance II+ 600 NMR spectrometer, Thermobarrel extruder, LIPEX™ Extruders,
   F7000 Spectrofluorimeter (Hitachi), SEM, etc.