Electrospun nanofibers of a copolymer consisting of polyvinylalcohol that has been crosslinked with an inorganic polymer containing phosphorus, oxygen and nitrogen only.

Prof. Dr. Todd B. Marder

Institut für Anorganische Chemie
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
Am Hubland, 97074 Würzburg, Germany

Tel.: +49 931 31 85514
Fax.: +49 931 31 84622

Organometallic chemistry; organoboron compounds; coordination chemistry; main group chemistry; organic chemistry; inorganic chemistry; homogeneous catalysis; linear and nonlinear optical materials; crystal engineering; bioactive compounds.

• GC/MS (x2) Agilent (2012)
• Solvent purification systems (x2), Innovative Technology Inc. SPS (2012)
• Inert Atmosphere Glove boxes (1 single, 2 double), Innovative Technology Inc. (2012)
• Microwave for synthesis, auotsample changer, Biotage (2012)
• Automated Preparative Flash Chromatography (x2), Biotage (2012)
• Diode array UV-vis-NIR spectrophotometer, Agilent (1997)
• Cary 5 Scanning UV-vis-NIR spectrophotometer (175-3300 nm), Varian (1995)
• Steady State Luminescence spectrophotometer, Horiba JY (2007)
• Time Resolved Luminescence spectrophotometer with N2 cryostat, TSPC, integrating sphere,
   Edinburgh Instruments (2012)
• Parallel reactor systems for catalysis
• Analytical & semi-prep HPLC Varian (2007)
• Polarizing optical microscope (Olympus) with Hot Stage (Linkham) (2000)

• Access to all types of equipment of the Institut für Anorganische Chemie, in particular 5 NMR
  spectrometers (liquid and solid, 200-500 MHz), 5 single-crystal X-ray diffractometers, DSC,
  electrochemistry, EPR, etc.