Electrospun nanofibers of a copolymer consisting of polyvinylalcohol that has been crosslinked with an inorganic polymer containing phosphorus, oxygen and nitrogen only.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Pietschnig

Chemical Hybrid Materials
Institut für Chemie and CINSaT
Universität Kassel
Heinrich-Plett-Str. 40
D-34132 Kassel

Tel.: +49561804-4615
Fax: +49561804-4649

Organophosphorus compounds; organosilicon compounds; coordination chemistry; main group chemistry; inorganic chemistry; container-compounds; nano-chemistry; catalysis; materials; bioactive compounds.

• solution NMR spectrometers (300-500 MHz) with gradient shimming
• Glovebox Mbraun Labstar (2012)
• Karl-Fischer-titraton, SI Analytics (2014)
• Viscosimeter Brookfield (2013)
• Schlenk-Centrifuge Hettich (2012)
• CHNS elemental analyser, Hekatech (2012)
• Mikrocalorimeter TA Instruments (2013)
• Sputter coater, Cressington
• Cryostat -80/+200°C, Julabo (2012)
• Reaction autoclave, Parr
• Polarimeter, Perkin Elmer

• Access to all types of equipments within the department, in particular X-ray diffractometer
  (single crystals), MS (FAB, ESI, Maldi), UV-vis., IR, Raman, fluorescence, TGA-DSC,
  electrochemistry, Microwave reactor, spin coater, DLS, EPR, AFM, TEM, SEM, etc.